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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TOURATECH TIPS AND NEWS 10 2 2011 A journey into the kingdom of the bear Wild animal researcherand conservationist Chris Morgan travelled close to 5000 kilometres (over 3000 miles) through Alaska in his search for wild bears, – with bush planes, boats, snowmobiles, as well as on foot, and also with a BMW F 650 GS equipped by Touratech, which allowed him to reach even the most remote areas. The book »Bears of the Last Frontier« takes you on an extraordinary trip from the brown bears on Alaska’s peninsula in the Southwest, to the mighty grizzlies in Denali National Park and the polar bears of the Polar Sea. An exciting doc- umentary full of breath-taking photos which reflect the magic of the wilder- ness and the secretive beauty of these fascinating animals,– well worth a read even if you are not a fan of bears! Chris Morgan: »Bears of the Last Frontier« (only available in English), 214 pages, foreword by Susan and Jeff Bridges Item No.: 01-090-0335-0 Foreachcopysold,Touratechwill donateoneEurotothenatureconser- vationproject”BEARTREK“ofWildlifeMedia (! Flying visit Transitus Arabiae »Transitus Arabiae« is an unusual name for an unusual tour. Businessman Jürgen Röder does not take a plane for his business trip to the Arab world, he takes his sidecar machine. Certainly an unusual trip which Jürgen Röder is planning. The chairman of the board of the Dorsch Group, the largest independent planning group in Germany with 1,800 employees, is on his way to visit the company’s subsidiaries in the Middle East. Nothing unusual about that, chairmen usual- ly board an aircraft when going on business trips. Not so Jürgen Röder. He takes his sidecar for his flying visit to the oriental subsidiaries. According to the plan,the visit will take him throughTurkey,Syr- ia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emir- ates to Oman. However, the chairman of the board is well aware that he may have to adjust his trav- el plans in view of the political situation in some of these countries.The background to this unusual un- dertaking is that our sidecar “freak” not only wants to experience these countries from a pure business point of view.According to Röder,travelling by bike lets you »truly« experience the people and the cul- ture, gives you insights into the soul of a country. On his »Transitus Arabiae« trip, Jürgen Röder will be accompanied by his wife Petra as well as Heidi and Martin Franitza.The two couples know all about sidecars, having already been on several adven- ture tours on three wheels. The Franitzas will cov- er »Transitus Arabiae« from a journalistic angle and take on the documentation of the excursion. The tour starts in the autumn of 2012, but preparations have already started. Sidecar build- er Stern has already prepared the sidecars for the tour andTouratech are involved with their wealth of knowhow and equipment. A four-week trial run to Morocco is set for October 2011.The team,the side- cars and the equipment will be subject to a »stress test« to make sure things run smoothly during the great adventure in the autumn of 2012. More details on»Transitus Arabiae«are available via the Internet at