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TOURATECH TRAVEL EVENTS 2 201114 Touratech Travel Events Worldwide Touratech Travel Events have now been in existence for a good 10 years. What started in 2000 in France with a small get-together of motorcycle travel- lers has meanwhile become established worldwide as a happy meeting of like-minded motorcyclists. No matter if globe- trotter or tour rider,– they all share the same idea: discover the world, meet people, enjoy nature and share these experien- ces with other travellers. The fascination of travelling by motor- cycle remains undiminished and is passed on from one motor- cyclist to another at each Travel Event. Which is why all the Touratech partners and distri- butors are delighted when motorcyclists from different countries come to their Travel Events. The Touratech Travel Event celeb- rated its 10th birthday in fine style with over 10,000 visitors enjoying the late Spring sunshine and a full comple- ment of activities,attractions and presentations. And there was a lot to do. Visiting each of the 40 exhibitors could take up most of the weekend.As could the test rides available on a range of new motorcycles from BMW, Husqvarna and KTM. And with childcare for babies available on-site, even hard-pressed parents could find time to indulge their motorcycling passions.With the GS Challenge taking place in the obstacle course there was serious competition to enjoy on the Saturday evening.All that’s be- fore we consider the film presentations from the likes of Joe Pichler (trans-Asia on his KTM 990Adventure) and theTouratech ‘out-take’ show with Herbert and Ramona Schwarz. The Touratech experience also included factory tours, where visitors could see exactly how Touratech panniers are made. Then they could they lose themselves in Touratech’s huge store as well as join the fervour of the TT Spring Sale. Oh and did we mention the road book tours, the satellite navi- gation classes, the photo course, the climbing wall, the live music, the campfire at Lake Touratech (actually just a little pond), the catering at very reasonable prices and the free camping...? Importantly, it was the people, the 10,000, who mattered the most, and who bring the real colour to the event. These are people with a passion and fascination for adventuring on motorcycles and it’s this meeting of like minds, of free spirits, that makes the event really exciting. Here are just a few of the wonderful people we bumped into: Mark Jones: Mark took the ‘furthest travelled’ title, as he arrived overland from Pukekohe, New Zealand on his way to the Isle of Man, riding his BMW F650GS Dakar. Mark is almost the FAMILYFAMILY A Meeting of Text: Jonathan Bentman Photos: Jonathan Bentman, Touratech perfect traveller being so relaxed, but eminently very capable. He wasn’t sure what had been the most challenging aspect of his six- month tour. “The wildest part could have been very near the beginning. Crossing the desert to Darwin I would ride for hundreds of kilo- metres not seeing another soul. But then crossing Pakistan in four days with an armed police escort – and often they’d ride pillion, complete with machine gun – was actually very gruelling. And in Turkey I ran into a mountain range in deep snow. It was so iced up on the peaks I’d tie my side stand to the front frame tube and ski the bike down.” Volker and Claudia Schaller: Volker and Claudia rode one of the shortest journeys to theTravel Event,as re- sidents of Karlsruhe not so far away. A short trip this time around but the pair were only just back from a three-month adventure across South America on their BMW R1200GS Adventure. “It was our first big adventure,” explained Volker. “It was very cool. But the bike was very heavy to ride with two persons and luggage – but we managed it, it’s not a no-go. For our next trip we’ll do some training at Hechlingen first – so we better under- stand what to do on the gravel roads and in the sand!” Petra Dembski: Petra is a social worker from Frank- furt. This is her first year on motorcycles and she’s learning the ropes on a Suzuki Gladius. The Travel Event was her first touring ride – and her first bike event – but she was loving it. “Learning motorcycling, it’s very exciting, sometimes scary, but I really like it and here with the camping I’ve found it’s a nice life. I’m meeting many new groups, and they are all very different, all kinds of people, so interesting to meet. Watching the films – Asia and Africa – I’m very inspired to do it,but I need more experience first!” where: Niedereschach, Black Forest when: May 27-29, 2011 who: 10,000 riders from all over the World, even New Zealand! why: to meet, to begin and to rekindle friendships, to get inspired