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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

152 2011 Czeche Republic A wonderful camping ground on the banks of the Danube, Motorcycling routes from pleasure to offroad – the Czech version of theTouratechTravel Events took place in perfect surroun- dings outside the gates of Prague. With a challenging roadbook rallye, planned tours,interesting lectures and workshops,the organisers of the Czech Touratech importing agent created an atmosphere in which all the motor- cyclists who had travelled there were able to exchange experiences and enjoy mutual activities like old friends. Offroad riding outside the gates of Prague? Everything seems possible at Travel Events. he makes the most of the six-week holidays being a teacher allows. Agon was combining hisTravel Event weekend with a trip to see his oldest son,a soldier,in Munich. “We don’t see each other so often, so maybe we have time to spend riding in the mountains. What I really enjoy is his son, – my grandson – is 10 years old and he likes to ride with me. We have a lot of fun.” Mark Van Alphen: Mark travelled with three friends from Amsterdam – Mark putting his first proper miles on his new KTM 990 Adventure. Mark had become a big fan of KTM’s star adventurer Joe Pichler. “I think I’d also like to go to Mongolia, only I haven’t even got my panniers yet! You see the presentation and you want to do it as well. I’m thinking to do it also, but I have a wife and children. I’ve a lovely wife, in fact, she lets me do this alone, this is my thing, my freedom.So I hope to go on a big adventure soon.” Petra was set to continue her learning steps with a three-day trip to the Mosel region a week later. And she’d made her first Touratech purchase in preparation: a Q Packsack by Ortlieb. Rolf and Katja Viehweger: Rolf and Katja had ridden 400 very snug kilometres from Heilbronn on their aging KTM 625 trail bike.This was their first Travel Event. “It was a great time,” said Rolf. “There’s a lot to eat and drink and it’s not expensive and the campsite is free, the showers are good, the toilets are fine. Most importantly, the people here are great,there are no bad boys,no problems.” Trans-continental adventure is not on the agenda for this couple as neither time nor budget allow.But they have their own solution. Katja: “We have a Royal Enfield with sidecar – when you are driving the Enfield adventure starts at the end of the drive. It doesn’t go faster than 80km/h so we don’t ride the highways, only small roads.With the Enfield you don’t have to travel to other countries,adventure is everywhere!” Manfred, Willi, Jürgen, Stephan, Melanie and Melanie: “We are from Neu-Ulm. We come here because we like the nice people,the shopping,the great food,the beer!We got to speak to Herbert and he’s like a friend,he makes us all feel like we’re part of one family. While we’ve been here we’ve just been riding around, going anywhere that looked interesting.After all,no plan is a good plan!” Agon Milbrod: Agon is a teacher from Lübeck. He loves travelling on his BMW F800GS, last year riding 7500km through Albania, the year before he ventured for 9000km into Russia.He explained he can’t ride global tours because of work,but Happy campers are ... Agon Milbrod ... ... Manfred, Willi, Melanie ... and team! ... ... Katja and Rolf Viehweger ...... Claudia and Volker Schaller ...