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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TOURATECH TRAVEL EVENTS 16 2 2011 Typical for Wales, the spring weather at the Toura- tech Travel Event proved to be somewhat damp. However, the 400 seasoned campers and guests were not to be put off. The guided road tours with the solidly booked BMW test fleet were highly ap- preciated.The guided offroad tours through the Welsh forests were Great Britain Italy The first Travel Event in Italy was an instant success. The team around Michele and Wolfgang had spent months on organisation and found the perfect spot for the event at the »Camping 2 Laghi«. The location is directly situated at the foot of the Trentino mountains, just a short distance from the newly designed Touratech showrooms, and offers the perfect combination of beauti- ful lake scenery, impressive mountains, small mountain roads, and fascinating views. Even if the BMW GS riders formed the great majority, all types of motorcycles could be seen. BMWs from RT to ST, Africa Twins, Multistradas, Su- per ­Ténérés and many more.There is no fear of making contact at Travel Events, only one thing counts,– the motorcycle and the next tour.And it need not be a world tour, because here in the Trentino you don’t really want to travel far, the region it is too beautiful and varied. France In mid-June the Orange festival in southern France was firmly in the hands of motorcyclists. Designed after the German GS Challenge, Touratech France and BMW Motorcycles France jointly organised the first BMW GS Trophy France in connec- tion with the Touratech Travel Event. As in Germany, the GS Trophy started one day before the Travel Event. After the GS cracks had left for the 15 stations in and around Orange, the Travel Event could start. Interesting lectures, numerous exhibitors ranging from Castrol to Öhlins, and plenty of fun awaited the visitors to the Travel Event. What many of the guests and participants were not aware of: Touratech France is the »cradle« of Touratech Travel Events, which took place for the first time in 2001 at the Expo Centre. Fantastic locations in the Trentino mountains. Fun and games at the GS Trophy (l.). Herbert Schwarz and Yvon Bodelot, head of Touratech France.