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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

PROJEKTEthiopia RoadTech™ B1 for BMW motorcycles 888-909-8665 JOURNEY MAN 2 2011 B ack to the roots – this headline describes the latest travel project by Herbert Schwarz and his wife Ramona twofold. The journey is to go to Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind ac- cording to latest scientific information. And in terms of travelling itself, it will be a trip in the classical sense of motorcycling ad- venture. The infrastructure is more than basic in this east African country, travellers are forced to respond entirely to whatever con- ditions they meet. A trip through purported civilisation without comfort or backdoors all add up to cautious movement in the vicinity of people. And that is precisely what Herbert and Ramona are looking for: close contact to the indigenous population. They would like to talk with them, discuss their daily worries and joys, fears and visions, participate in a life which is so totally different from our daily routines. A local translator was hired for the team to avoid the project failing right from the start due to language barriers. Also part of the team are Wolfgang Danner and Jan-Peter Sölter, the two film makers who have already documented a number of Herbert’s trips with captivating pictures. Rainer Wiesotzki is in charge of logistics. Ramona will also be taking pictures together with Herbert, as well as putting their impressions into a journalistic context. They would like to visit the Rastafari Community whose ancestors once came from the Carribean to the »Holy Country« for religious reasons. The difficult life of Ethiopian women exemplifies the situation of women in Africa. Personal talks are intended to give insights on the background and the structures of society – unvarnished commentaries from the living environment of the women. Intent on discovery, the team wants to trace the origins of coffee on their visits to plantations and projects, and to examine current opportunities of ecological crop production and fair trade with these luxury foods. The Maryam Zion festival is bound to be a colourful and moving highlight when thousands of pilgrims congregate in Aksum. All these impressions will require hard work from our travellers. Deserts need to be crossed on this 4,500 kilometre expedition tour, as will mountains with peaks in the 4,000 metre range. Our travel- lers will have to suffer the glowing heat of the Danakil depression, and days of jolts and bumps on the infamous rutted tracks. The three 800er GS and the two 650 single-cylinder BMW‘s which Herbert has selected for this trip are bound to be suitable bikes. And if you know Herbert, he will be combining work and pleasure: travelling while at the same time testing his company’s products to the limit. Touratech Expedition to Ethiopia