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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

BRAZIL PERU ECUADOR BOLIVIA PARAGUAY URUGUAY CHILE ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Montevideo Asunción Santiago Brasilia Rio de Janeiro Sucre Bogotá Quito Ushuaia Lima COLOMBIA LA PAZ PERU BOLIVIA Cueara Pelechuco Ulla Ulla Charazani Consata Ubinchi Mapiri Guanay Caranavi Coroico 50 km Escoma Sorata Achacachi Huarína Lago Titicaca Nevado Chaupi Orco Akamani Illampu Huayna Potosí Illimani STADLER GmbH • Am Gewerbepark 7 • 94501 Aidenbach Tel.: +49 (0)8543 9620-0 • Fax: +49 (0)8543 9620-50 e-mail: Your partner for motorbike clothes at highest level! 1971 2011 TexTile Developed in Germany European production Top quality materials Information: Gerneral: With an area of nearly 1.1 million square miles, Bolivia is nearly four times the sizeoftheoldGermany.UsuallyonethinksofBolivia as being the Andes mountain ranges and barren highlands, the so-called Alitplano. However, they only make up about two fifths of the total area. The most part of the country is formed by the lowlands east of the Andes, covered with jungle and savan- nahs. Nonetheless, some 70 per cent of the nearly 8 million Bolivians live in the region of the Andes. Population in the tropical lowlands is correspondin- gly sparse. Travel season: The most suitable time for travelling is between May and the end of October (winter on the southern hemisphere); it tends to be cold at night in the highlands, but you have the best view of the mountain peaks. And the temperatures in the tropical eastern part are still bearable. During the rainy period many of the tracks are unpassable. Travel: Transporting your own bike can be an expensive undertaking. Something like 2000 EUR needs to be budgeted for each leg. It can be some- what cheaper by packing two relatively light bikes in one crate. You can either use a freight agent to handle the transport or go directly to an air- line. Knowledge of Spanish is required for customs clearance at the airport inEl Alto/La Paz. Documents: A passport is necessary for en- tering the country. A visa is available at the airport. The law requires an international driving licence, andyoumustalsotakeyournationaldrivinglicence with you. For the motorcycle you are required to have an international vehicle registration certifi- cate as well as a Carnet des Passages. Health: In some regions below 1500 metres there is a risk of malaria. Check with your local tropical institute for medicine whether you need prophylactic treatment. Standard immunisa- tion against tetanus, diphtheria and polio, as well as against hepatitis A and B, is recommended. In remote areas the availability of medicines is inade- quate. Overnight accommodation: Simple accommodation is available even in the smallest of villages. However, taking your own tent gives you greater independence. For the highlands a good insulating floor layer is recommendable, as well as a sleeping bag with a comfort range extending to minus twenty degrees Celsius. An interior sleeping bag serves well as additional insulation or can be used as a light cover in the tropics. Books / maps: Ben Box: South American Handbook 2011. Footprint. ISBN 1903471702. Gives the latest travel information in detail. Nelles Maps: Bolivia, Paraguay. 2001 Nelles Verlag. Scale1:2,500,000, ISBN 3886185796. Clear map presentation and vivid relief display. Very concise and sufficiently precise. Russian ordnance survey map of Central/South America. Scale 1:500,000. Topographic maps with Cyrillic typo. Digital version, border-free on DVD. In the Touratech Webshop: Item No.: 090-0670. The film on the trip to Bolivia is available from the Touratech-Shop. Together with loads of other adven- tures, fantastic sceneries and extensive background information, this DVD makes you want to saddle up your own enduro and just go. Item No.: 091-0155