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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TwoNav NEWSModels: Montana 600, Item No.: 060-0494, Montana 650 with digital camera, Item No.: 060-0495 Montana 650t with digital camera and recreational map of Europe Item No.: 060-0496 Highlights: • large display with over 10 cm / 4 inch screen diagonal • excellent readability, even at bright sunlight / can be used vertically and horizontally • uses AA batteries/power packs or power block with 2000 mAh • suitable for routing with lane assist (with optional CityNavigator map) • paperless geocaching / waterproof according to IPX7 / with 5 MP digital camera, Montana 650 upwards • ANT+ technology for wireless data transfer between units Accessories: Motorcycle mount with integrated power supply, Item No.: 065-0760 Car mount with active loudspeaker, Item No.: 065-0761 Spare power block with 2000 mAh, Item No.: 065-0763 Anti-reflective and scratchproof protective film for display, Item No.: 065-0398 Please contact your local Touratech distributor for prices CompeGPS now also offers a special GPS unit For use with Motorcycles: the TwoNav Delta. Experienced users are fully aware of how significant the topic of map availability is for GPS units. Mapping material suitable for routing (vector maps) have meanwhile become standard in motorcycle navigators.However,these maps have a major disadvantage: they say nothing about topography. Reduced to the bare essentials they give navigation details right down to the house numbers. But how about scenic roads or geographical features such as mountains and valleys ? You need so-called grid maps for detailed terrain represen- tation.These are digital versions of conventional maps such as the Mair DuMont general map or the topographical maps of state surveying offices.. The strong point of the TwoNav series GPS units is their ability of being able to use both grid and vector maps (Tele- atlas roadmap included in scope of delivery of the Delta) – simultaneously. The latest version of the Touratech QV GPS planning soft- ware, which is probably the most powerful tool for process- ing grid maps, includes a full interface for the TwoNav units. Routes, tracks, waypoints and, of course, maps can be inter- is assigned location coordinates (geotagging). Depending on use, the Mon- tana can be fitted with suitable maps. These include Garmin topo- graphical, marine or road maps. The top of the range model Mon- tana 650t already includes a recreational map of Europe, scale 1:100.000. TwoNav Delta: The specialist for motorcycle maps! changed. The range of useable grid maps for TTQV 5 is more than comprehensive, and, if required, can be extended by self-scanned maps.This comprehensive pool of maps is there- fore largely available for use with the TwoNav Delta. A special feature of the Delta is the capability of planning and arranging tracks and routes in the map display.Of course, the display is not quite as comfortable compared with a com- puter screen due to its size, but on the road this unique func- tion certainly pays handsome dividends. The application spectrum of the Delta with full road and offroad navigation,together with the functionality of theTwo- Nav software and the enormous variety of useable maps, make this navigation system unique. Scope of delivery includes the Teleatlas road material for Western Europe or D/A/CH,as well as a topographical map of Germany,scale 1:100.000. TwoNav Delta D/A/CH, Item No.: 060-0485 TwoNav Delta Western Europe,Item No.: 060-0486 Set TwoNav Delta D/A/CH + TTQV5 STD + Top25 D, Item No.: 060-0487 Set TwoNav Delta Western Europe + TTQV5 STD + Top25 D, Item No.: 060-0488