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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

32 NGPS NEWSNAVIGATION SPOT 2 2011 Spot is a satellite-based commu- nications system with worldwide coverage. Messages can also be sent from locations, without mobile re- ception. This applies to rural areas inNorth America as well as regions in faraway countries. Extended functions also allow tracking,i.e.recreating the travel route via regular signals. How does this work? The Spot units are equipped with a GPS receiver which always determines the exact position. A transmitter module can send the position data to a satellite. Previously generated messages can also be transmitted this way. In dire emergencies the traveller can opt for »SOS«. Once this message is sent, it is immediately relayed to the interna- tionalemergencycentreGEOS,whichpassesinformationonthe position to the local competent rescue services. In less threatening emergencies the»Help« signal is trans- mitted.Previously determined contact persons receive the mes- sage and can initiate the required help. Spot Hug and Connect If everything is fine, a message transmitted via the »OK« function informs the folks at home that there is no rea- son to worry.The pre-generated messages and the data of the recipients are saved in the personal user account on the Spot homepage.The same applies to route tracking. Tracking is activated at the push of a button.The unit trans- mits the position data regularly to the Spot s erver via satellite. The travel route can then be tracked via an Internet browser using a previously established link. This link can also be inte- grated into a homepage to show friends where one currently is. There are, however, preconceptions as far as communi- cations via satellite go: ­astronomical prices. At least for Spot this does not apply. For a monthly fee of 11.50 Euros, the owner of a Spot unit can use the entire range of services.(99$ - 149$ pear year in the US). There is a choice of three units: SPOT 2 – GPS Satellite Messenger: A small, compact unit which fits into any trouser pocket and has the potential of becoming a permanent companion. Each function has its own button and LED’s display the current status. Spot Connect: This converts a Smartphone like the iPhone 4 to a satellite communications unit. All one needs to do is install a free app on the Smartphone, connection to Spot Connect is via Bluetooth. The telephone is used to enter messages, transmission is via Connect, – even if there is no mobile reception at your location. Spot HUG: Can be installed inconspicuously in a vehicle or motorcycle.Operation is via the supplied remote con- trol. Position monitoring via GPS is an effective theft control and allows a vehicle to be tracked. The integrated battery ensures functioning of the unit even if the vehicle‘s battery is disconnected.. Spot 2,Item No.: 060-1521 Spot 2 Ram Mount holder set,Item No.: 068-0224 Spot Connect,Item No.: 060-1650 Spot Hug,Item Ni.: 060-1520