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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

MAP 62 NEWS ETREX 2 2011 33 GPSmap 62: Update The successful GPSmap 62 series has been extended by two new models, the GPSmap 62 SC and 62STC with integrated 5-mega pixel camera. This lends waypoints a »Face«. For each picture taken, the coordinates are stored, given GPS reception. This function is useful, for example, when scouting unknown routes and areas for new tours or events. The geocoded photos are important memory aids, for example, for assigning important way- points. GPSmap 62 SC, GPSmap 62 STC. Please contact your localTouratech distributor for prices. Cult object revamped! Garmin Etrex 10, 20 and 30 The eTrex series by Gar- min belongs to the most popular and most sold GPS hand units and has more or less achieved cult sta- tus. Now the navigation specialist has completely re-engineered these classics. The result being three dif- ferent models with a fresh but fa- miliar ­eTrex appearence. The new eTrex units will be one of the first systems which can not only process the GPS signal but also the Galileo satellite system under construction. The new eTrex models might be of special interest to geocach- ers, – no matter whether can seek- ers for pleasure, T5 hunters, or pow- er cachers with finds in four digits. All models now support paperless geocaching. And the robust hous- ing can handle even the toughest of adventures. The least expensive of the three models, the eTrex 10, is just the ticket for beginners and min- imalists, who only require abso- lute basics. The grey-scale display shows waypoints, track courses as well as one’s own position and gives reliable information such as completed distance or speed. With the eTrex 20, Garmin offers a very cost-efficient unit with colour display and map display: as entry product into the world of naviga- tion with a map on the unit or as compact back-up unit. The extreme- ly bright and brilliant 5.6 cm dis- play with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels can depict all common Garmin vector maps (Road, Topo, Marine), and a modern processor ensuresrapidimagebuild-up.Maps can either be transferred to the 1.7 GB internal memory or entered via the microSD map slot using a memory chip. The top unit of the series, the eTrex 30, with the same features as the eTrex 20, offers the follow- ing additional functions: a gradient- independent three-axis compass, a barometric altimeter as well as wire- less data transfer between units or to suitable accessories as long as these support ANT+ technology. With this array of functions the eTrex 30 is an inexpensive allrounder. GarmineTrex10,ItemNo.:060-0608 GarmineTrex20,ItemNo.:060-0609 GarmineTrex30,ItemNo.:060-0610