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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TOURATECH PARTNER ORTEMA 2 201138 protectionprotectionOrtema, based in Markgröningen, Swabia, offers motorsport enthusiasts and hobby enduro riders a comprehensive range of protection and prevention products, as well as training support. The internationally renown company is also one of the top names for the rehabilitation of sport injuries. Text: Andreas Reimar founded. With over 150 employees, Or- tema is today active in numerous business sectors. In addition to orthopaedic tech- nology and the areas of rehabilitation and medical fitness, Ortema also holds a leading position in the field of sport protection. rthopaedic technology? Sounds like the aftermath of accidents and agonisingly long rehab. The Ortema company in Markgröningen is an excellent example which demonstrates that orthopae- dic technology not only comes into play after injuries, but also has a major stake in preventing injuries, so-called sport protection and prevention. Founded in 1940 as »Orthopaedic work- shop of the Werner’s Childrens’ Hospital « in Ludwigsburg, the company moved to the Orthopaedic Clinic Markgröningen (OKM) in the 1980‘s. In1993, the independent company »Orthopaedic Technology Mark- gröningen«, Ortema in short, was finally OO The knee brace is customised from a plaster cast of the leg. Polycentric knee joint guides made of titanium are fitted to match the joint of the customer precisely. (left). The Ortema offices directly adjacent to the Orthopaedic Clinic Markgröningen (right).