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40 2 2011 ORTEMATOURATECH-PARTNER provides information on the body’s fat mass. The coordination abilities of the person are assessed with special exercises. And finally, the tested person needs to work up a sweat when stamina and maximum strength are measured. All these findings are evaluated with a special software and outputted with clear graphics which can also be understood easily by non-professionals. This forms the basis of the individual training plan which can also be developed by the Ortema specialists. Specific exercises pertaining to the type of sport are then selected which exactly meet a person’s deficits. Networking of experts One of the major strengths of Ortema is the high level of integrated business areas. Highly qualified specialists, including ortho- paedic technicians, surgical truss makers, sport scientists, physiotherapists and ergo- therapists, work together hand in hand. This is further facilitated by their close involvement in medical treatment and the geographical proximity to the Orthopaedic Clinic Mark- gröningen. This cooperation encourages the transfer of knowledge between these spe- cialists, the doctors in the clinic, as well as athletes from different sports. Thus, Ortema can provide comprehen- sive solutions in the field of prevention – even after the event. Performance diagnosis A recent Ortema business field is medi- cal fitness and includes some interesting of- fers for motorsport enthusiasts. Not only for professionals, but in particular for amateurs. Planning is the basis of success – and this also applies to training in motorsports. But, how to develop a sensible course of training when the initial situation is not yet defined? This is where the so-called performance diagnosis comes into play. Using numerous indicators, the Ortema experts determine the individual training condition of the per- son. This is based on a health profile result- ing from extensive evaluation by a specialist in sport medicine and personal consulta- tion. Spiroergonometry provides information on the so-called anearobic threshold. Determination of the body mass index Sport Protection Touratech offers a selection of Ortema Sport Protection products in its portfolio. Neck protection system ONB Protects the cervical spine against overstretching,both laterally and in the direction of travel.Material: high performance plastic.Low weight, adjustable,large support area on shoulder blades. Item No.: 500-0367 Back protector P1-Dynamic CE-approved protector.Low weight. Memory foam concept,breathable mesh fabric,protector shield with air vents,perfect fit via elastic straps. Various sizes. Item No.: 500-0381 ff. Protector trousersX-Pants LP Trousers made of breathable fabric with large protector surface on hips, thighs,and coccyx.Secure through tight fit.Protectors hardly show. Various sizes. Item No.: 500-0374 ff. Kidney belt Lumbo-X Enduro Stabilising and shock-absorbing for lumbar vertebrae.Prevents over- stretching of spinal column. Breathable fabric.Various sizes. Item No.: 500-0370 ff. X-pert knee brace Less expensive alternative to K-COM.Low weight and high level of protection: Material: plastic and stainless steel.Numerous sizes available for left and right legs.SeeWebshop for details. Thanks to computer-assisted analysis: attractive graphic representation makes all findings of the performance diagnosis easy to understand, even for medical non-pro- fessionals (left). X-Neck neck brace Made of high quality foam compo- nents.Stabilises the cervical spine area,also prevents overstretching of head in crashes. Item No.: 500-0360