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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

55 TOURATECHLetters to the editor edb ckproduce the Travel Time as it keeps the Touratech name fresh throughout the year,with so much adver- tising available to us (the rider) you can sometime forget the brand that you trust the most,and I con- sider Touratech a trust worthy company who makes a product and then puts a price on it,rather than the other way around.Good Luck. Paul Hepworth Folks that really do ride Thank you again Touratech! Miserable,cold chilly, damp,rainy day.What do I awake to but the UPS truck.I have a package and it not only has my 2011 catalogue,Travel Time Magazine,and just to kill me info on BMW.Touratech is made up of folks that really do ride,know their products,and offers the products that we need to do our Adventure Riding. Manuf.should be delighted,as we also get to see bikes that we may not otherwise be exposed to.Makes me want to leave sooner on my next adventure. Weather sucks but I sure do have lots of reading,and probably drueling to do.Thanks for all you have done for me,and promoting and making parts and equip- ment available at one place to let us do what we love. Bob Hughes, via Facebook You asked for feedback… Funny Ramona you asked for feedback…Well here it goes…If you all think that a BMW is the ultimate way to travel your very very mistaken...I have ridden and been around bikes before you were born and there is not one Beemer including the 450 that is dirt worthy...When I even evaluated the 450X I wrote to all my riding buddies that the bike could never even finish a Pennsylvania enduro yet alone win one and that is the same attitude I have toward you adventure riding all over the world when you guys get into your offroad (so called) adventures those bikes are so ill equipped for that its unbelievable. Party on with those Beemers that brake down and are a joke in the dirt... Mike Klementovich, Pennsyl- vania Brilliant Concept I thoroughly enjoyed issue 1 (English) of Travel Time. Not only as a magazine with very interesting articles and photography,but as a very unique marketing tool! Even the gear ads for each bike and clothing sec- tions were story-like,and that same excellent quality photos I have come to expect from Touratech.I think the whole concept is brilliant,and honestly have never seen such a fabulous marketing product. Well done! Thank you. R. Allen Naille, Flagstaff, Arizona Good reading I raced Indy Cars for a long time and am now a spokesperson for various companies.I have an F 800 GS and have quite a few of your products on it,I really appreciate the quality and technology you bring to the market,it reminds me very much of the type of workmanship that goes into Indy Car racing and I like having that quality on my personal bike.I enjoyed the Travel Time publication! Good reading,I hope you will continue with it! Thanks for great products! Johnny Unser Supporting decisions I recently purchased Zega Pro panniers for my R1200GS.The decision whether to get the traditional Zega or the Zega pros was heavily influenced by the content of your magazine.Great information!! Olga Kramar, Houston, Texas Cool artwork Good job on the magazine,and cool artwork too! Paul Michaud, Vancouver, Kanada Very enjoyable Guten tag and thank you for publishing the new Travel Time magazine.The magazine is very enjoyable! I particularly enjoyed the article about accessorizing the F800 GS,as well as the article about your ride through Scotland with Herbert.I also want to say that the Touratech branch here in Seattle is absolutely Fantastic.I‘ve attended presentations by Ted Simon and Austin Vince there and I deeply appreciate that the company is promoting all motorcycle travel by such a wide variety of adventurers.Further,the customer service offered by the Seattle Touratech branch is amazingly good. Last weekend,I ordered the Can2Mex DVD over the long weekend.I then received it at home one day after my order was received.In today‘s competitive economy,that degree of care for customers really shines through! My wife and I enjoyed Can2Mex very much.All the best to you,and your company based on helping people live their dreams! Don Baldwin, Seattle Wereservetherighttopublishreader’slettersinashortenedversion.Pleasenotethatthesecommentsdonotnecessarilyreflecttheopinionsoftheeditorialstaff. Where to get the magazine? TravelTime,our free customer magazine,is published on a regular basis.Contact your localTouratech dealer to put you on their mailing list.You’ll also find it at theTouratech booth at bike shows.