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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

56 2 2011 THE TOURATECH THINK TANK F 800 GSBMW he motorcycle that rolled out of Touratech’s development workshop bore little resemblance to the fully equipped ‘World Traveler GS’ on which Clau- dia Hülsmann and her husband Andreas had toured the former Soviet Republic during their ‘Course East’ trip. With a solid 30,000 kilometres on the odometer, the F800GS underwent a slimming treatment, had a facelift and in- dulged in the Touratech ‘wellness program’ giving it a slender design and dirtbike styling. “This motorcycle is like a cat, it has three lives. Well, actually a cat has nine – but who knows what we will come up with next,” says raceteam mechanic Lars Würdemann with a wide grin, which clearly shows how much fun the project was. Together with Touratech development engineer Ian Rowley, Lars was responsible for the conversion, which found its race debut at the Welsh 12-hour enduro ‘Dawn to Dusk.’ This builds upon the early days of the company’s own race team, when some remarkable victories were achieved over convention- al lightweight enduro compet- itors with the ‘Oryx extreme,’ which was a complete rede- sign based on the F 650 GS. “While Touratech does have a history of pursuing wild bike- build ideas, and it’s true that TT Touratech’s research and development team transform the F800GS into an extreme enduro racer and test it against a field of 450s in the Welsh 12-hour enduro ‘Dawn to Dusk.’ AMASTER OF METAMORPHOSIS Text: Margit Rowley