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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

57 TOURATECHTHE LATEST FROM DEVELOPMENTPhotos:A.Hülsmann,Touratech 2 2011 the development team loves to fabricate exotic bikes, the real mission of a project like this is to develop new technology and ideas that will result in better products and an enhanced user experience for our customers.” explains Touratech’s CEO and Race Team Director, Jochen Schanz. The demanding conditions found in extreme enduro rac- ing provide a perfect laboratory in-which Touratech products can be tested and improved. Technology from this project will shape future products in the Touratech catalog. Touratech engineers began the project by completely stripping down the F800GS to determine what could be eliminated to, save weight? Using knowledge gained over the last decade of building motorcycles for the Dakar Rally, the team evaluates what’s necesary for off-road racing. They ask themselves what can be modified to reduce weight, enhance durability, and improve handling? An important element for extreme terrain is the suspension which is why the two-cylinder machine was fitted with an Öhlins TTX long-travel fork and a custom built shock absorber by Tractive Suspension – “both are high-end products, there is nothing comparable”, ex- plains Lars. The Remus ex- haust system was also made specificaly for this bike, as was the KAHEDO sport seat which gives the rider more freedom of movement. The front wheel is modified to a single disc brake and the rear wheel upgraded from 17 to 18 inch- es by Haan Wheels. The original body pan- els were modified by Touratech designer Bart van den Bogaard, giving the 800 a totally new look. This is further acheived by chang- ing the fender and adding a light cover and WRP handlebars to complete the enduro package. To ensure that man and machine go the distance in ‘Dawn til Dusk,’ the 800 was equipped with the following accessories from the Touratech range: 15 and 47 tooth sprockets, Uni air filter, fold- ing brake and clutch levers, long- distance footpegs, guards and pro- tection for the radiator, engine and drive-train. How did the F800GS do in the race? Check out the race coverage story on page 70. “It’s hard to believe these photos are of the same bike. The idea was to do something totally different with the race- team and convert a touring motorcycle, into a competi- tive enduro. Many people will be surprised how well this has worked out”, explains race- team mechanic Lars Würde- mann. The real mission of a project like this is to develop new technology and ideas that will result in better products