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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

58 2 2011 THE TOURATECH THINK TANK SUSPEN- SION Touratech delivers a game -changer in suspension technology with a new line of race-proven, state-of-the-art suspension developed in partnership with Tractive. HOLDING ROAD Text: Andreas Reimar S uspension tuning is one of the first steps when customising a motorcycle. The reasons are simple: mass production suspension units are a result of com- promise. Motorcycle manufacturers need to span the entire spectrum of riding styles and possible uses. Another area of compromise is the balance between desirable performance and motorcycle unit retail price targets.Price targets typically win this battle and result in poor suspension performance on most new motorcycles. Touratech has been a competent partner in suspension tuning for many years. Our mechanics and developers have been cooperating with the world’s very best manufacturers of suspension components as well as advising customers about suspension set-up for many years. Touratech now goes a step further and infuses its knowledge of customer needs into a new line of suspension upgrades. To realise the goal of offering premium suspensioncomponents,Touratechneededatechnologypartnerwhomettwocriteria. Absolutecompetenceinsuspensiondevelopmentandmanufacturingwasamust.But something else was also important: the partner needed to be motivated and capable of developing completely new technology. This combination was found with Tractive Suspension.The company is comprised of a team of technology specialists working with suspension pioneer Eric Linde- man, who is best known for developing break-through suspension technology like ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). The core team at Tractive Suspension came from the Dutch chassis maker WP and were involved in pioneering new technology, including ESA 1 and ESA 2 – the electronically adjustable suspension developed for BMWMotorrad. TouratechandTractiveSuspensionarethedreamteamforcustomisedsuspension tuningforadventuretouringmotorcycles.ThefoundationoftheTractiveproductisit’sfully modular design. This gives Touratech considerable leeway when designing con- figurations. The plan is to provide suspension components for the most popular ad- venture touring motorcycles. In their standard configuration the ‘Touratech Suspension by Tractive’ will be considerably superior to mass production products in terms of spring travel, damping, reliability, weight and will have a wide range of adjustment to customize the performance. Two product ranges will accommodate the different requirement levels of customers. The first product line will offer adjustable pre-load of the spring and adjustable rebound damping and will be affordably priced.The hi-end line will have a remote reservoir and variable rebound damping,compression damping for low and hi-speed ranges and will be highly tunable to meet the needs of performance riding and more agressive terrain. Adventure motorcyclists around the world will now have a better option for improving the performance and handling of their favorite motorcycles with Touratech suspension byTractive.