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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

New Ideas for Motorbikes made for adventure KIDS-FASHION KIDS-FASHION Hoodie made for adventurePlease contact your local Touratech distributor for prices. KIDS-FASHION KIDS-FASHION KIDS-FASHION KIDS-FASHION KIDS-FASHION made for adventure T-Shirt Cap Test are ongoing Establishing a new brand in the technical field of motorcycle suspension is a dificult undertaking. Concepts and ideas may be brilliant, but at the end of the day, what matters is per- formance at the customer level. This is why the ‘Touratech Suspension by Tractive’ has been tested by our own racing team throughout the season under the toughest conditions which are found at races including: Hell’s Gate, Erzberg,Dawn to Dusk and Romaniacs. A novel luggage system with modular design creates flexible storage space on sports motor- cycles – completely without a luggage rack. Sport motorcycles, whether enduro or super- bike, are getting lighter and lighter. Low weight and centred mass improve handling and result in positive riding performance. However, anyone wanting to tour occasionally, will hardly find any mounting points for a luggage rack on the superlight tail. To provide some re- lief here, Touratech has developed a new luggage system for all vehicles with a small tail – the »Travel Bag«. This textile piece of luggage makes sports motorcycles fit for touring without the need for a luggage rack. The unique aspect of the »Travel Bag« is its modular de- sign. A base plate is used for mounting on the vehicle and is available in different designs depending on the shape of the tail. The basic bag is fitted to the base plate with a zipper. Even this configuration provides storage sufficient for shorter solo trips. Two side bags can be added via velcro and clip fasteners for longer tours. For those requiring even more stor- age space a further bag can be clipped onto the basic bag. This top bag offers attractive added value – it can be used as a tank bag on its own. The accentuated lines of the »Travel Bag« underline the aerodynamic design and the tapered tail end ensures that the centre of gravity remains near the rider. The »Travel Bag« look matches the look of the Touratech Street Line tail and tank bags of the latest generation perfectly. A.R. Skills Soft