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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TOURATECH COMPAÑERO EXPERIENCES 2 201160 The Touratech »Compañero« is one of the latest textile suits on the market, but it has already made many friends.Both among professional riders as well as demanding tour riders.And the tests in the trade press also arrive at gratifying positive results. “The Touratech suit is cleverly de- signed and full of practical features. Despite the two attachable layers it fits perfectly and feels like a good mate for years to come (…)” Test winner MOTORRAD NEWS, buyer’s guide 4/2011 “The Compañero saved my skin!” Simon and Lisa Thomas (2RTW), world-record setting motorcycle adventurers. Time on the road: 8 years, distance ridden: 214,000 miles, countries ridden: 73. Simon: “We wore our new Compañero suits for the first time in Thailand.They felt fantastic right from the word go, seemed well-designed, and fitted like a good suit should.Since then they have rendered valuable services,– all the way through Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Borneo, where the Compañero saved my skin, quite literally.” Lisa: “The Compañero is the first suit I have ever had which is designed both as a hard-wearing off-road protection as well as being specially tailored to fit female contours. I wear it in all imaginable weather and riding conditions, week in, week out,– and comfort is very important to me. At high temperatures, the Compañe- ro always gave a well-ventilated,airy feeling and even in torrential thunderstorms the outer suit kept us dry .” The crucial test. Simon: “It’s all too easy to talk about the look and feel of a new suit. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to know the answer to the most important question. Does it hold up and protect the rider in a serious accident? Well, I can testify to a very resounding ‘YES”! The island of Borneo was to be the Compañero’s real proving ground, where I asked it to stand up to a major hit, a long grating asphalt slide ending in a bone jarring impact as I and my GS slid into and under a 4X4.Every rider’s nightmare! Heading south I crested a small rise, mindful of the rain-soaked and now slick asphalt. It took me a few seconds to realise that the dark Hilux in the middle of the road was in fact stationary and bizarrely parked in the centre of the road with its engine and lights off. To make matters worse, it was parked parallel opposite a bro- ken down northbound truck. The back wheel of my GS had locked up for three long slides before I re- alised that my options had disappeared as fast as the distance separating me and the 4X4. I needed to lay the bike down, and fast! The impact of my body on the tarmac jolted me violently; sparks flew up as the BMW metal of my bike gouged the road surface. Seconds later I hit the stationary vehicle hard, my head and bike coming to rest under the rear of the 4X4. With the adrenalin wearing off, I began to inspect my suspected injuries. Wearily, I also inspected my Compañero. Look as I might, the only visible damage to the entire suit is a patch of mild abrasion wear on the pants and friction/heat damage to the zip on the rear panel pocket of the jacket.At the hospital the x-rays show two cracked ribs and a swollen right shin. No cuts, no other bruises and un- believably the suit is still perfectly wearable, not a fabric tear in sight. The Knox armour had done a great job of minimising the multiple impacts; the Compañero armour pockets had made sure that it had stayed in place.The suit had simply per- formed flawlessly: I couldn’t have asked for more. Not a test I’d recommend, but take it from someone who knows, this is one tough suit and I’ll be clocking up many more kilometres knowing that I am well protected from whatever the world decides to throw our way! …thanks Touratech!” ALLALLONE FOR