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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

61 Nick Sanders, record-breaking extreme motorcyclist “It‘spossibleIhavetakenToura- tech‘s Campanero suit fur- ther than anyone else to date - this will change of course - 81 600 kilometres across 15 countries three times in a total of 140 days - three times the length of the Americas. The record ride component was 28 coun- tries 47 000 kilometres in 46 days. This double record-breaking tran- sit of the Americas is going to be verified by the Iron Butt Association of America. For me, the suit - or rather the two suits - there is an inner and outer suit - is the most interesting clothing concept to come into motorcycling since the introduction of Gore-Tex. The inner suit contains the armour and was excellent for the hot climates I passed through - Atacama Desert 48 degrees centi- grade - yet remained, as advertised, very cool. The outer suit is water-proof and was necessary in the wet condi- tions of Central America where several centimetres would fall in an hour. These conditions are extreme and I stayed 100% perfectly dry. The suit’s armour safety features could not be tested thoroughly as I didn‘t crash, other than in snow on Tierra del Fuego, but I felt cushioned and suffered no injuries. The mechanics of the suit were good. Firstly, dividing the two suits, taking off the outer suit or putting it on was easy and takes about 3 minutes. Secondly, the buttons and zips are the best I have ever seen. These metal connecting elements are unbreakable even under severe conditions. Perhaps for reasons of cost, Henry Ford, when asked about the colour of his Model T-Ford said, any colour was acceptable as long as it was black. The yellow colour panels on the suit buck the trend of motorcycle clothing colouration and are therefore a welcome change from this mundane non-colour. Immediately identifiable as Touratech colours, they do get dirty, but in context, my triple ride along the Americas represents 17 years rid- ing for the amount of miles an average rider rides in a year. So one machine wash every decade for the more adventurous, isn‘t bad, and yes, it washes well!” Convincing even under extreme conditions Peera Lao, Touratech distributor in Thailand who tested the Touratech Compañero on his trip to Tibet, sent us the following statement by one of his customers: Convenient to Use “The summer suit is comfortable and the AFT is great, because it lets the air flow in. The protection and quality of the material on elbows and shoulders was great when I had an accident sliding over the street at 80km/h, good protection and no damage to the clothes. The detachable back pocket that provides the space for the all-weather jacket is impressive, great design. The outer suit offers good mud-dust protection and is really easy to wash or clean compared to other brands. Really love this. Convenient to use and good protection when cold. The high collar is great and protects you against rain or splash water. I am very impressed by the all-weather jacket . It‘s great without any exception.” »Touratech redefines the con- cept of multi-layer suits anew and thus covers an extreme- ly wide range of climate com- fort. Materials and presenta- tion are of very high quality.« Recommendation TOURENFAHRER,comparison test 3/2011 »First-class«. Enduro,issue 5/2011