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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

62 Reinhard Busch, Effringen, passionate motorcycle rider and enthusiastic wearer of the Compañero suit:All-round talent from 0 to 43 degrees “Meanwhile I have experi- enced 4000 kilometres of a tour through the Balkans in »your« skin. The weather extremes ranged from 0 degrees and sleet on the Felbertau- ern and several hours of being “drenched” in Friaul, up to plus 43 degrees during a city tour through Tetowo / Kosovo and clouds of dust on dry desert off-road sections in Montenegro. Sure, there are other benchmarks and adven- tures.But then this was only the beginning of a hopefully long symbolic union with »your«, or better,»my« Compañero However, – and that is why I am writing to you, – during all these »extreme« conditions I always felt extremely comfortable thanks to the versatility of the suit as well as being dressed at the highest level. I haven’t managed the 750,000 kilometres of your boss Herbert yet,but I’m only behind with a miserly 100,000 with an honest 650,000 kilometres over 42 years of uninterrupted action on two wheels,­so I do know what I am talking about. Your all-round talent Com- pañero heads my personal clothing ranking by a mile. At last, a suit that was designed from practical experience for the blunt realities of daily travel, and one can tell that people with experience gave great consideration to functionality and not just good looks.” Photo: C.F. Schreib er EXPERIENCESTOURATECH COMPAÑERO Dirk Schäfer, photographer and motorcycle journalist: A true friend “In the spring of 2011 I worked on the film „Coast to Coast – across Africa“ and crossed from Namibia to Kenya. Together with two friends from France we fol- lowed the footsteps of the Germans in Black Africa. I wore a brandnew Compañero for over two months and roughly 12,000 kilo- metres, which, of course, had to prove itself under the African sun and especially during the rainy period. Important things first: the Compañero proved to be a true mate and never left me standing in the rain. It re-mained water-proof, evenduring a torrential rainlasting two hours.The summer jacketwas always wellventilated onhot days and my outbreaks of sweat remained well within limits compared to my accompany- ing French friends. From 20°C and above it pays to take off the outer jacket. The pro- tectors were up to the job at all times. Despite a few minor falls I had no inju- ries. In particular, the broad back protector gave me an added feeling of safety. The protectors were up to the job at all times. Despite a few minor falls I had no injuries. In particular, the broad back pro- tector gave me an added feeling of safety. In Germany I wear the Companero nearly every day. I definitely appreciate the rain trousers which are easy to slip into. Tedious taking off boots is a thing of the past. For the future it would be nice to also have pro- tector pockets in the rain trousers/jacket. That would allow the comfortable wearing of office or working clothes underneath.” Charley Boorman (“Long Way Round”), British TV adventur- er, travel writer and actor with a passion for motorbike riding: WellThought-Out Product “The Touratech Compañero suit is a well thought-out product that fits the a way a good suit is meant to and offers reliable protection. It keeps you warm and dry in miserable weather and cool when it is hot”. »In our tests at temperatures between ten and 30 degrees, the principle of a „suit in a suit“ worked without problems. Also good, but without protectors, is to wear the all-weather over jeans and a pullover on the way to the office. Protektoren.« MO,Special edition BMW motor bikes,issue 38