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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

TOURATECH HUSQVARNA 64 2 201164 both WORLDSThe takeover of Husqvarna by BMW has combined the innovative power of a global corporation and the passion for motor sport of a highly specialised niche manufacturer. Two models resulting from this symbiosis are already part of the Touratech bike pool. The best of R eincarnated the BMW F- model parallel twin is the Husqvar- na Nuda 900 with vengeance! For its sporty sister brand, the engine capac- ity of the inline engine was beefed up by a hundred cc’s. That was one of the easier tasks. Far more profound are the modifications deep inside the engine. The crank offset angle was altered to give the parallel twin entirely new characteristics. One could be mistaken for riding a V-engine. Not only acous- tically. The change in firing order has significantly affected the way the engine unfolds its power. With its spicy motor and superb handling, the Nuda was in constant de- mand at the Touratech Streetline photo shoot. The winding mountain roads of the Maritime Alps were the ideal terrain to really max out this new interpretation of a big supermoto. De- celerating the Nuda is just as exciting as its acceleration. The front wheel features Brembo four-piston radial calipers. Even hardest deceleration does not dive the Sachs upside-down fork with its massive 48 mm inner tubes. A fully adjustable Öhlins shock absorber provides perfect grip of the rear wheel. Everything seems perfect: no doubt. But there is nothing which cannot be im- proved on. This is exactly the reason why we fitted a few prototypes of Toura- tech accessories to the Nuda on our tour through the Franco-Italion border region, – and we have come up with quite a few ideas to enhance fun of the nuda. Soon in the Web-Shop. A.R. NUDA 900 encounter