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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

65 TE 449 The Touratech Husqvarna TE 449 also handles extrordinary situations. Photo:AndreasHülsmann Please contact your local Touratech distributor for prices S ince the start of the season, Touratech Racing placed its bets on the four- stroke Husqvarna TE 449, which never failed to per- form, even under the toughest conditions. However, to make sure a bike can stand up to the stress of an extreme enduro and survive falls and rolls undamaged, the right equipment and good preparation are essential, – a perfect opportunity for Touratech to test its accessories in a race environment. In particular this applies to all protectors, including engine guard, the Hard Parts for radiators and starters, or the Touratech pinion gear guard, which has the advantage of having three mounting points in- stead of two. This additional mounting point to the frame also protects the engine cowling should the chain snap. Recovery straps are a must in difficult terrain, as are brake and clutch levers which fold instead of snapping. “The Husqvarna TE 449 has always worked like a dream “, said Raceteam mechanic Lars Würdemann looking back at the extreme events. “Hats off to the lads in our development department. Anything that can survive such extreme situations will certainly do well for customers. “ M.R. Fit for extremes: the Touratech accessories for the Raceteam Husqvarnas TE 449 Pinion gear guard Handlebar riser Engine guard Folding brake lever Item number Handlebar riser 24 mm 01-410-0124-0 Folding brake lever 01-043-0024-0 Folding clutch lever 01-410-0014-0 Touratech hand protectors GD 01-040-6820-0 to 01-040-6824-0* Haan Excel front wheel 01-410-0050-0 Haan Excel rear wheel 01-410-0051-0 WRP handlebar Taper X Oversize 01-043-0056-0 Manifold guard 01-410-5070-0 Engine guard 01-410-5140-0 Hard Part radiator 01-410-5310-0 Hard Part starter 01-410-5311-0 Oil filling screw hex socket 01-410-5230-0 Oil filter lid anodised red 01-410-5575-0 Lid for oil sieve anodised red 01-410-5580-0 Pinion gear guard anodised 01-410-5050-0 Dismantling tool for half shaft front 01-410-5325-0 Dismantling tool for half shaft rear 01-410-0173-0 Recovery straps front 01-410-0129-0 Recovery straps rear 01-410-5385-0 *(black,yellow,blue,red,white)