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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

70 R ACING TO URATECH Dawn to dusk TOURATECH RACING “I believe, they all think I’m nuts”, laughed Lars Würdemann. And indeed, the bike he was to navigate through the Welsh forests over the next twelve hours stood out from the crowd amongst the sports enduros lined up at the start in the Expert Class. Less ground clearance, definite- ly more weight, but power in abundance, – not an enviable task with the endless mudholes, ruts and tricky forest sections which make this event one of the longest and hardest on the island. Next to him, Ian Rowley (TT Development) waited impatiently for the race to start. Together with teammate Rolf Epting, Ian races in the “2 Rider Expert Class” on the Raceteam Husqvarna TE 449. While the »Toughertestingisimpossible«:theTouratech F 800 GS conversion defied mud- holes, ruts and tricky forest sections in Wales and passed its test with flying colours (left). Twelve hours at full pelt: Touratech - Developer Ian Rowley, together with his teammate Rolf Epting, finished third among the experts on the Touratech Husqvarna TE 449 (right). At the end of August, Touratech Racing travelled to Wales (UK) with heavy equipment: an F 800 GS conversion was to compete against 154 lb lighter enduro bike´s at the 10th enduro-race »Dawn to Dusk« and demonstrate its off-road capabilities,– an experiment, which attracted a lot of attention and delivered the “the toughest test possible” for the F800. 2 2011