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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

SPORT PROTECTION Protection for even more power ORTEMA BASE OST Neck brace developed to meet biomechanical criteria. Piece min. € 349,- Knee brace carbon-fibre. Piece € 985,- XavierBoog·Photo:SarahGutierrez CHEST AND COLLARBONE PROTECTOR Piece min. € 245,- Clement Desalle F 800 GS shoots off in second place, Ian’s bike won’t start, leaving him to roll up the field from behind in a breath- taking chase. As the race progresses, the ruts get deeper and deeper and more difficult for Lars on his XXL bike. Not without consequences either. On the fifth lap the BMW makes acquaintance with the forest, the radiator is damaged and re- placed soon after to be on the safe side. After seven laps and 12:06:58 hours Lars Würdemann arrives a success- ful ninth in the Expert Single class with his heavyweight. – Test passed with fly- ing colours! Meanwhile Ian and Rolf had worked their way through to third place with a comfortable lead over their pur- suers, when a gear lever snapped dur- ing the last lap and cost them valuable time. Anxious moments passed till Rolf passed the chequered flag as final team rider after 18 laps and 12:16:39 hours, – the lead was sufficient and 3rd place secure! In the overall ranking of the 12-hour race, the two even manage to win 4th place among 170 teams. And if you add the riders of the 6 and 24-hour races as well, something like 500 riders had ploughed through Wal- ter’s arena during this event. Alexander Schönborn (TT Market- ing), Jan Hagedorn (TT Technical Sup- port) and Peter Kachler (TT Quality Assurance), with his absolutely stupen- dous start, gave a repeat performance of last year’s success: racing as a three- man team in the sports rider class they defended their third place with one lap more than in 2010 to gain a place on the podium. In the overall ranking that meant 30th position, – quite a feat! Racing as “lone fighters” over twelve hours, the Touratech employees Lothar Teufer, TT Export (Veterans / six laps) and Cliff Vizer, TT Development (Clubman Class / ten laps) finished 25th and 22nd, for Cliff this tough event was his third enduro race ever. M.R. More on the Touratech F 800 GS conversion on pages 56/57. After 12:06:58 hours, Lars Würdemann successful- ly passed the finish line with his heavyweight (left). Every reason to be thrilled: Jan Hagedorn (TT Tech- nical Support), Peter Kachler (TT Quality Assurance) and Alexander Schönborn (TT Marketing) (from the left) repeated their success of last year and finished third among the sport riders. At the front: race organiser Nick Plumb of Touratech UK (below). TOURATECH RACINGSPORT