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Leser on To u r 76 ADVENTURE UTAH/ARIZONA USA CANADA MEXICO ATLANTIC O CEA N PACIFICOCEAN New York WASHINGTON San Francisco Los Angeles General: Arizona and Utah are located in the southwest of the USAand offer a remar- kable variety of scenic highlights. Page on Lake Powell,the nearby Antelope Canyon as wellasMonumentValleyaresomeof themain attractions in Arizona. However, the Grand Can- yon is and remains the jewel in this state. Northern Utah offers the great Salt Lake as a main attraction as well as the snow-covered mountains of the Wasatch Range, where the Olympic Games 2002 were held. Extremely attractive is the scenery in southern Utah with the amazing cliff landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, which is roughly the size of Germany. The region is characterised by five famous national parks: Archers NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Canyonlands NP, Capital Reef NP and Zion NP. Utah is nicknamed the »Beehive State«, no doubt a reference to the diligence of the Mormons. Camping / accommodation: The amenities are limited, potable water, outhouse toilets, a fireplace and picnic tables. Site fees are usually no more than 10 USD. During the main season they are booked out fairly quickly. Normal camping sites charge between 20 and $30 per night. In the USA you can find motels virtually everywhere, even in the smallest of Travelinformation places.Dependingonthecategory,thepricesforadoubleroomvarybetween40and $120.During the main season it pays to book in advance. Climate/travel season: Arizonahasadesert/semi-desertclimate.Dependingontheelevationthismeanshot summers and relatively mild winters.This is why manyAmericans and Canadians,the so-called»Snowbirds«,come here in the winter. In contrast, the elevated Colorado Plateau has an extreme steppe climate, i.e. relatively hot summers at 30°C and cold,snowy winters,often at below 0°C.The best time to travel is from end of April to early October. Motorcycling: Although Utah and Arizona are part of the U-shaped tourist route from San Francisco to LA, they often appear deserted. The highways are well developed and availability of petrol is always adequate. For those looking for offroad adventures, the endless tracks of the Grand Staircase National Monument are the real thing. Travel guides/maps: There are about as many travel guides and maps of the USA as there are stars at night over Utah. We found the Lonely Planet »South West USA« very useful. Good maps – and free of charge – are also provided by theAAA,theAmericanAutomobile Association. Another Resource is the UTAH BACKCOUNTRY DISCOVERY ROUTE WEBSITE - Awesome view of the Grand Canyon (top). Road movie atmos- phere on Route 66 (bottom). 2 2011