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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

81 OUTDOORNEWS 2 2011 Salt on top, pepper at the bottom,– or vice versa. The shaker includes both these most important condiments.The housing is robust and made from BPA-free plastic. The two lids are water-proof, and an interior separating wall prevents any mixing of the condiments. The practical midget weighs in at only 10 grammes. Item No.: 070-0939 MSR Salt and Pepper Shaker This thermos bottle is made by Laken in Spain. The vacuum in the double-walled stainless steel housing provides excellent insulation. Boiling water only cools down to 50° Celsius after 18 hours. The extra large opening with a screw cap allows for easy cleaning of the bottle. The »Soft-Touch« surface of- fers excellent grip properties. The Laken Thermo Bottle will take one litre of hot (or cold) liquid. Item No.: 070-0079-0 We all need something hot sometime Does the outdoor world really need another petrol stove? Possibly yes, if you take a closer look at the Soto Muka Stove, because this stove, which was developed in Japan, does away with the bad habit of conventional petrol stoves: tedious pre-heating.All that is required is applying a little pressure to the container, and the Muka can be lit instantly,– just like a gas stove. A pressure dial indicates when the ideal operating pressure has been attained. The flame is also con- trolled directly with the pump to minimise the risk of burnt fingers. Another practical aspect is simply emptying the hose via the pump after cooking, so that no tedious upending of the bottle is required. The low weight of 160 grammes is another positive aspect, together the bottle and pump weigh 320 grammes.The optional bottle (700 or 1000 ml) has a wide neck, so if you have a reasonably steady hand there is no need of a funnel for filling. Laken Thermos Bottle Soto Muka Stove Rice Cooker Lifestyle Available in other sizes early 2012.For information see Item No.: 070-0800 Soto Muka Stove (stove with pump),Item No.: 070-0675 Fuel bottle,700ml,Item No.: 070-0676 Fuel bottle,1000ml,Item No.: 070-0677 Please contact your local Touratech distributor for prices