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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

UTDOO NEWS 82 OUTDOOR NEWS Easton Kilo 2P Tent Weightwatcher Nomen est omen for the Kilo 2P tent which was recently launched by the tra- dition-rich house of Easton. The porta- ble dwelling weighs just one thousand grammes on the scales. This potentially record-breaking low weight is due to the use of high-tech materials. The two strut arches are made entirely of carbon fibre laminate, the tent pegs are made of light metal. 20 gauge nylon is used for the tent itself. The yarn is woven in a ripstop pattern, i.e. any tears are stopped by the interwoven stronger fibres which are positioned at regular intervals. The coating will withstand a water column of 1500 millimetres. The somewhat thicker PU-coated tent floor will even withstand up to 5000 milli- metres. With its internal dimensions of 142 x 231 centimetres, the Kilo Tent of- fers room for two persons. The awning measures 81 x 145 centimetres, which keeps the luggage dry. If you are happy to accept a few grammes more, Easton offer other tent models to accommodate up to four per- sons. Details and prices soon on The Wave is the best-selling multitool byLeatherman.And it has been improved even further. Larger knives, more powerful pliers, a lon- ger wire cutter and a tool lock make the indestructible tool even more practical for daily use.The stainless steel tool has a small and a large bit holder. The robust scissors are strong enough to cut textiles, plas- tics and paper. Features: long nose pliers, wire cutter, hard wire cutter, knife with tapered tip, serrated knife, wood saw, scissors, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, large and small bit holder, large screwdriver, ruler (inch/cm), can opener/bottle opener, stripping blade, eyebolt for safety strap. Item No.: 070-0226 Leatherman Wave Allrounder Adventurer Opti SteriPen Light SABER This water purifier works purely by using light. Not to make a virtue out of necessity, but for good reasons. Because that is exactly the way waterworks make potable water – by utilis- ing UV irradiation. Microbes simply “hate” short-wave light sources. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous microorganisms die off when bombarded with energy-rich irradiation. What is left behind,– is healthy potable water. With a single battery charge, the SteriPen can purify up to 60 litres of water and it takes only 90 seconds for one litre of water. Its low weight of 103 grammes and dimensions of 155 x 40 x 25 mm make it a useful piece of equipment for all outdoor activities. Item No.: 070-0080-0 Pleasecontactyourlocal Touratechdistributorforprices