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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

PORTRAIT JOE PICHLER 84 2 2011 ADVENTURE Travel Time: Joe, what are you working on at the moment? Joe: I am currently sorting out my lecture dates for the autumn. And as of October I continue »Trans-Asia. Travel Time: How many lectures do you hold every year? Joe: All in all this adds up to some 70-80. Travel Time: Give us a rough idea: how many photos do you go through, when you return from one of your travels? Joe: Approximately 10,000 photos and 20 to 30 hours of video material. Travel Time: How long does it take to pre- pare a lecture? Joe: The production of a lecture, DVD and possibly a book run in parallel. In total I need some four to five months to have everything com- pleted . Travel Time: Do you test your lectures in front of a small audience or do you go for the big stages right away? Joe: I usually hold the first lecture near home in front of an audience of 200-300, and then I move on the really big events. Travel Time: How long do you continue with a single lecture until starting the next project ? Joe: I cover a single topic some100 to 120 times, and every two years I try to start on a new project. Travel Time: Can you still remember your first ever lecture? Joe: Oh sure. I held my first lecture to the public in 1984 on my circumnavigation of the Mediter- ranean Sea. I was pretty nervous, after all, there were some 30 people in the Ramingstein commu- nity hall including the town mayor. But everything worked a treat. However, I did not think I would make this my profession at the time.. Travel Time: You spent many years lecturing and writing travel reports for magazines while still working as a technician. When did you decide to travel full-time? Joe: That was in 2002, before my trip from Salzburg to Peking. Renate had already given up her »normal« job in 2000 and taken on the organisation of the lectures. Eventually, the double stress of a job in the engineering office and as a lecturer were just too much .– Renate kept on organising more and more dates. And once the idea matured, riding a motorcycle from The Austrian motorcycle traveller Joe Pichler has enthused his listeners for many years with captivating live lectures, fascinating multimedia DVD’s and books. An interview on motorcycle travel as a profession, the importance of sponsors, and how to take a good travel photo. Interview: Andreas Reimar ADVENTUREas a PROFESSION