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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

98 Into the Forest The F800GSs were parked for this tour, though. Instead three fully Touratech-equipped tourers were on hand for the Canadian couples to sample: a Ducati Multistrada 1200, a Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 and a Honda CBF1000. The plan was as close to Ramona Schwarz’s preferred concept of ‘no plan‘ as is comfortable given a desire to do something con- structive. The intention was to do no more than kick back and enjoy a good ride – no pressures, no logistics. Just relax, enjoy the bikes, enjoy the location. However, the real reason for the ‘no plan‘ was later revealed – Ducati Multistrada 1200 What is it? Ducati’s all new tourer.There’s a WSB bred engine within,no end of trick kit and funky styling adorning,and it’s heralded as an all-new concept, but it’s essentially a flashy sports tourer. What the riders said: Dominique: The Ducati was a growing experience,it took me a few hours to really get the feel for it.And actually when you push it a lot it becomes more interesting and more fun.And exiting the turns is always cool on the Ducati because you get so much juice.But it’s got its quirks, all the buttons and stuff...Brian: The Ducati has tons of power but it doesn’t want to lay into the turns – it just wants to stand up straight,it really just wants to stay up,it’s a real struggle to learn how to ride it. Jonathan: It looks wow,the engine kicks like a mule but (regrettably) it handles like one as well.Comfortable,but perhaps overdone on bells and whistles. was really cool to watch them following his progress on a map: ‘where’s Brian right now?’” Sofia: “When they had left (for South Africa) I was worried no one would look for them, no one would follow their pro- gress, and so they wouldn’t push. So through Facebook we had Conchita, my mother-in-law, friends, literally a whole bunch of people all hooked up so that they would follow and disseminate what was happening. “Dominique’s mum was even calling the radio stations, exp- laining how her son was in the GS Trophy and asking people to vote in the photography competitions that were a part of it.” When Team Canada amassed in excess of 20,000 votes for their final photo entry it was quite clear their message had reached far and wide. And as it transpired neither Sofia nor Conchita, nor the whole of Canada, needed to worry whether these sons of the Maple Leaf were ‘pushing’. In fact they ultimately pushed too hard. On day four the entire Canadian team – including their ‘embed’ journalist Costas Mouzouris – crashed hard while pushing. Brian suffered a 120km/h crash on the highway. The other three all took hard hits in the deep sand section called ‘Mission Ponta’. Brian was bruised black and blue, Dominique dislocated his collarbone, Patrick aggra- vated an old knee injury and Costa suffered a concussion. Re- markably they all finished the day, Brian – like a MotoGP rider – by now on his ‘number two’ bike. After this misadventure they were known always as the Canadian Cockroaches. Nothing could crush them. After the event, Brian and Dominique had both asked to buy their GS Trophy bikes. And it was through this they made the connection to the Black Forest, tra- velling to southern Germany in May this year to collect them. They promptly rode the bikes in Germany’s two-day 2011 GS Challenge, for fun. They had no issues with the riding, but following the event’s all-German in- structions proved a major hurdle, as was following the course without a satellite navigation system! Having kitted up both bikes with Touratech panniers they exp- lained the bikes will stay in Europe for the foreseeable future as they fully intend to return for regular touring holidays. ON-ROAD BLACK FOREST 2 2011