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Touratech Travel Time 03_2011_en

We had a great chance to evaluate these three bikes here, both from a rider and pillion’s perspective. The good, by some consensus wasn’t here (the Canadians swear by their GS Adventures).But none of these bikes could be considered either bad or ugly. The Good The Bad And The Ugly What the pillions said: Conchita: The seating position was okay,it’s just that the ride wasn’t smooth at all and when going faster there was a lot of vibration,it was reallybad. Sofia:I enjoyed the Ducati even it was a bit more sporty.I had no knee pain after a full day on the bike.And I can see better on it,the seat is a bit higher. There was a vibration,I kind of got used to it,you have to make an adjustment,and its very tight in the back,but in those curves it was a good thing because I wasn’t sliding back and forth. Honda CBF 1000 What is it? A do it all. Commuter that sport rides and tours.With an engine from a Fireblade it likes speed.With only a modest level of equipment it can be had at an entry lesser price. What the riders said: Brian: The Honda is smooth,maybe not as powerful as the Ducati,but it’s way smooth,you can lay on the throttle and its linear.And it’s a bit of a sleeper,it’s so smooth you don’t realise how well it’s pulling.If I was to take any one of those bikes home,it would be the Honda. Dominique: The Honda is not my style of motorcycle,it’s a proper road bike,but hey,it’s a Honda,it rides smooth and for the time I spent on it it was nice.Jonathan: Awesome bike,just get on and go.Almost mat- ches the Ducati for go (when revved),handles great when pushed. Real easy to like.Not so sure about ‘love’ though. What the pillions said: Sofia: The suspension was hard,I didn’t like it,the other two I was fine with.The position was not so much to my liking,too sporty.It was smooth,though.Conchita: Easily the smoothest ride,so nice you can have a nap.But my legs touched the panniers and the seated position is not very comfortable,so I have to lean forward and that’s tiring,and there are no grab handles... Yamaha Ténéré 1200 What is it? Yamaha’s answer to BMW’s R1200GS.That’s it really. What the riders said: Dominique: Its a nice bike and kind of similar to the GS,but it feels a bit longer.There’s a lot of space,it’s a little heavy.And even though it’s well designed I’m not 100% crazy about it.I don’t think it matches anything the GS can offer.Brian: The Tenere I found to be very nice. Not quite there,the GS is the better bike,but everything else about it is good.I like the ride position,I like the torque off the bottom but I prefer the GS power.I’d buy this bike – if there was no GS. Jonathan: Best ride of the three for me.Lovely substantial size, coolest colour,great sound.Grunty,handles sweetly,maybe runs out of puff a bit early.And I really wanted to know this bike more,it intrigued me.And did I mention it’s the coolest colour? What the pillions said: Conchita: The Tenere I liked,it was pretty comfortable.Not as smooth as the GS and my knees were higher than on the GS so my legs were a little more tired. Sofia: It was smooth,there really wasn’t a lot to dislike except the crazy radiator fan which was on all the time! Ramona doesn’t actually know the area that well! Indeed, Ra- mona and Herbert (and family) might live in the Black Forest, but for riding they go overseas, to far away continents. And in her defence Ramona pleads she’s only lived in the region for five years. But this not knowing your own back yard is a con- sistent position the world over. Adventure is after all ‘out there’, not ‘right here’. So, as you can imagine, Ramona, as the group’s travelling photographer, was as much fascinated by the disco- veries that unfolded as were the ‘tourists’. Riding back roads, avoiding towns (really not that difficult in the 12,000 sq km Black Forest), and enjoying the warmth of the late Spring, this was a great time to be motorcycle touring. Especially when time, distance, even destination didn’t matter. Immediately it was apparent the rapport these two couple have. This despite not being lifelong friends. They were in fact brought together by the 99