Video DVD - Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route Expedition Documentary (NVBDR)

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The NVBDR is a scenic ride across Nevada, beginning in Oatman, AZ, and finishing in Jarbidge, NV. Created for dual-sport and adventure motorcyclists, this 908-mile south-to-north route primarily uses dirt roads to lead riders through Nevada's expansive deserts, open sagebrush valleys, and seemingly endless mountain ranges. In rural Nevada, you'll experience historic saloons and relics from its rich mining history. The state's maverick spirit remains, and you'll see ghost towns, artifacts, desert sculptures, murals, the world's largest car forest, jackrabbits, antelope and even wild mustangs. Most importantly, the path features some meandering two-track roads that are a blast to ride.

- Feature Length: 70 minutes
- Plays in any DVD player
- Filmed and Produced by Noren Films
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